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Serving as the foundation of a room, floors have a significant impact on the aesthetic and personality of a space. At its surface, floors can define a space, create the flow of movement, provide a sense of direction from one room to another and impact the emotional connection an individual has with a space.

Natural and recyclable, resistant and hygienic, creative and timeless, ceramic tile has quickly become the ideal surface material to use for floors in both residential and commercial settings. With an infinite combination of sizes, styles, and placements, ceramic tile offers unique decorative solutions that range from traditional to contemporary.

At Calitrade Vivienda we offer various designs of ceramic floors that are sure to inspire your next interior or exterior project.

Ceramic floor tile subtly adds a sense of sophistication and drama to interior spaces. When paired with walls and decorative accents in soft neutral hues, it creates relaxing and soothing environments

The versatility and resistance offered by ceramic tiles allow for seamless transitions between indoors and outdoors living spaces. When using large format floor tile in these types of settings, it reduces unsightly grout lines and suggests continuity between rooms, appearing to visually expand a space.

Once a surface reserved for more subdued styles, floors have now become the ideal location for self-expression through design. Decorative floor tiles featuring geometric patterns and vibrant hues have the ability to transform kitchens, entryways and bathrooms into one-of-a-kind, true works of art.

Ceramic tile with organic and earthy motifs offer a feeling of refuge. Wood-inspired ceramic flooring brings personality to any interior design project. The sensation of wear that these ceramic pieces achieve, mimics the passage of time on natural materials.

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